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August 24, 2014 in Books

Readers Reviews For The Adventure of ‘I’

I have never seen a book with such fantastic reviews on Amazon! Here’s just a sample;

“If you never read another book on metaphysics, read this one. I have spent years trying to understand this concept but after ‘willing’ somebody into my life to help me understand this facinating but complex subject, along comes Tania. I had the privilige of attending her first seminar in London, and from that moment on, I looked forward to the book I just knew she would one day write. Here it is, the most lucid, well written book on this subject that I have ever read. I have just finished reading it, and am looking forward to start re-reading it all over again as soon as I have written this review. I guarantee this book will become a ‘Bible’ to many. So to all fellow travellers on this path, read this book and become enlightened to the ways of the universe, this book truely is An Adventure.” (Thunder Amazon Review)

“This is the most important book ever in my life.
I got it after asking myself the question, ‘if we are creating our own reality I like to see it how this is.’ and within a week I found this book as if by magic.
This book changed my life in unimaginable ways as I now fully understand and experience what Tania is writing here in clear and easy to understand words, direct and to the point.
It is my second read through now and the information keeps coming unlocking new pieces in my brain and I change and see more and more. It is like I gathered the puzzle pieces throughout my life not knowing what to do with them and here comes this book placing them and linking them all together to one big picture.
Thank you Tania Kotsos, this was what I was looking for and this book was the key to unlocking it all. My view of reality has changed permanently”

(DCW Ijkelenstam Amazon Review)

The Adventure of I (Tania Kotsos 2013)